On the morning of September 25, the operation ceremony of Beijing Daxing International Airport was held. As one of the important supporting infrastructures of Beijing Daxing International Airport, Beijing Daxing International Airport Line was also put into trial operation on the next day. ZTT provides MIMO leaky cable for this world-leading fully automatic operation line, ensuring the interconnection and interoperability of rail transit, and presenting a gift for the 70th birthday of China.

Beijing Daxing International Airport Line, also known as Beijing Second Airport Line, starting at Caoqiao Station in the north, setting Daxing New Town Station in the middle and reaching Daxing Airport Station in the south with a total length of 41 kilometers. Besides, the top speed of the rail train can reach 160 km/h and the total journey is expected to be 19 minutes.

Behind the high-speed is a breakthrough in technology. The entire line adopts the innovative MIMO leaky cable solution pioneered by ZTT, which not only ensures the high-reliability transmission of CBTC business, but also meets the requirements of emergency text delivery and real-time transmission of trains. Moreover, it provides an effective transmission channel for vehicle video surveillance and passenger information services, playing an important role in improving the passenger experience.

It is worth mentioning that ZTT MIMO leaky cable technology has obtained the patent authorization of national intellectual property rights, and its comprehensive performance has reached the international leading level, leading the development direction of rail transit communication signal technology and becoming a highlight of Beijing Daxing Airport Line.

According to the person in charge, in order to meet the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and ensure the smooth operation of the line in advance, ZTT sent a team of experts to provide 24-hour on-site technical support and construction supervision services, doing their best to escort the line. Efficient service will inevitably have high quality results. During the on-site test and acceptance, ZTT MIMO leaky cable has stable performance, uniform field strength distribution and good coverage. It fully meets the engineering operation and technical requirements and has won high recognition from customers.

As a leading provider of communication equipment in China, ZTT has achieved outstanding performance in the rail transit communication and signal system business. It has provided system solutions for more than 150 subway lines in more than 30 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Shenzhen. The opening of the Beijing Daxing International Airport Line is even more significant for ZTT, and this is a sincere gift for the 70th birthday of China.

In the future, ZTT will continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of “customer-oriented”, keep track of and continue to explore new technologies, and provide more high-end wire&cable products, safer and more reliable system solutions for the development of China’s smart rail transit and better service, to make more contributions to the prosperity and prosperity of New China.

Source: https://www.zttcable.com/
Image source: ZTT

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