One of the world’s leading fire survival cable manufacturers, Wrexham Mineral Cables (WMC), is exhibiting its Fire Survival Mineral Insulated Cabling System for hazardous area applications, at this year’s ADIPEC Virtual 2020 exhibition, 9-12 November 2020.

The cabling system has been developed with an Exd rated cable gland to achieve a hazardous area system suitable for zones 1 & 2 in one easy installation. 

There is no need for additional fittings, conduits or curing resins when installing the system. An Exd installation can be achieved in less than 10 minutes, reducing costs, and increasing asset safety for oil & gas platforms, gas plants, refineries and petrochemical plants.

As the only UK manufacturer of fire survival cables, WMC can offer a full range of mineral insulated cables, including a twisted option which offers vastly increased EMI performance, without the need for additional screening, associated cost, and installation.

Established in 1989, WMC has held ATEX approval since 1992. It has supplied tens of millions of EX-rated cable glands to hazardous area environments around the world and partners in the UAE with Solas Safety & Fire Protection Services.

How does it work?

MIC cable has a unique copper sheath for its protection, which acts as a fireproof conduit. It can survive temperatures more than 1000C for hours whilst undergoing direct impact and exposure to water pressure above any current British Standard. The continuous operating temperatures of cables are often a factor in selection decisions. A bare mineral insulated cable can work continuously up to 250C, far more than any other polymeric fire-resistant cable. 

BS / IEC 60702-1 states that each MIC cable size must be manufactured to within 0.05mm in diameter. These extreme tolerances make the mineral cable a perfect candidate to create a water, air, and dust-tight seal using a fully ATEX / IECEx approved mineral cable gland. 

Each of the brass glands is bespoke to cable diameter and uses compression to clamp around the copper cable sheath. This bespoke construction stops liquids and gas flowing through the cable. WMC hold ATEX & IECEx approvals on their cable gland system and is permitted for use in zone 1 & zone 2 locations. In 2018 WMC also gained DCD approval through local partners Indus fire distributing through Solas.

Steve Williams Commercial Manager of Wrexham Mineral Cables said: “As the UK’s only manufacturer of fire survival cables we are delighted to be able to participate at ADIPEC once again. Whilst not in the circumstances we would like our local partners Solas Fire will be alongside us who do a fantastic role within the UAE. We have seen success within the MENA region and we hope the upcoming show will give us further opportunities within the oil & gas sector.”


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