One of the world’s leading fire survival cable manufacturers, Wrexham Mineral Cables, has announced the approval of its Mineral Insulated Cables to BS8519 standard, manufacturing a 1,700M 3H4 cable in one single length.

Rated up to 750V, this one length of cable can supply critical power to a smoke extraction system to the tallest building in the world at its peak twice over while continuing to function at temperatures above 1000C.

This cable, when used in conjunction with ATEX/IEC Ex approved mineral cable glands, could provide emergency lighting around the complete parameter of the largest offshore gas field located in the Norwegian Sea.

A simple installation removes human error and reduces the risk of flame spread more than any other type of fire-resistant or hazardous area cable system.

Wrexham Mineral Cables also offer a full 30-year system warranty, in some cases more than ten times that of other fire-resistant or hazardous area cable systems and are the only UK manufacturer of these cables.

Steve Williams said: “I am proud to be part of this amazing team! Wrexham Mineral Cables now has approval to BS8519 standard for all its 750V power cables. Mineral Insulated Cable can be one-third the size of SWA cable and will not release dense smoke, acidic gases, or any toxins. There are no conduits required, no plastics and no flame spread, meaning Mineral Insulated Cable is the safest fire-resistant cable in its class.”


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