The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc. reports that 275 wire and cable industry delegates met at Milan’s historic Palazzo Giureconsulti on October 16, 2023, for a one-day wire and cable technical conference of collaboration innovation. The event was jointly organised by WAI and ACIMAF, the Association of Italian Wire Machine Manufacturers.

Industry experts covered ferrous and nonferrous topics during concurrent tracks, with notable speakers from 24 companies providing the best practices in wire drawing technology and timely information on industry 4.0 and market conditions.

Throughout the day, representatives from 27 companies discussed business at their tabletop exhibits in the supplier forum.

Ferruccio Bellina, an organiser and ACIMAF president, said: “A great commitment and a winning collaboration between ACIMAF and WAI led to an unprecedented success of the Wire & Cable conference… A success that we wish to share with all the participants and sponsors who joined this important event, which saw the presence of delegates coming to Milan from over 30 countries.”

WAI’s 2023 President Kurt Breischaft, who served as a moderator for the nonferrous track, said: “I think the nonferrous session fit together extremely well. The first speaker from Prysmian explained how cables need to become more sustainable, with the second and third speakers (La Farga and Continuus-Properzi) explaining how copper and aluminium can be processed to meet these requirements.”

The Gala Dinner at Milan’s grand Palazzo Serbelloni provided a chance for additional networking at the close of the conference.

Sponsors and support

The organisers wish to thank the following organisations:

  • Continuus-Properzi; SAMP; SAS Engineering and Planning; TKT Group
  • The International Wire & Machinery Association (IWMA); Messe Düsseldorf North America; MFL Group; DRT Impianti
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation /; and The Italian Trade Agency (ITA).

Image source: Courtesy of WAI

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