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Cimteq Limited, UL Solutions, Unit 1-4 Horizon Wade Road, Kingsland Business Park, Basingstoke, United Kingdom RG24 8AH
Phone: ++44 (0) 1978 664 215

UL Solutions’ CableBuilder and CableMES software programs empower wire and cable manufacturers to plan, control and streamline the design and manufacturing process, enhancing product safety and easing compliance challenges. From optimizing manufacturing operations using the latest Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to simplifying the complex management of cable design data to delivering the full bill-of-materials into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – our software helps small and large businesses achieve their digital transformation ambitions.

UL Solutions offers these software applications to the wire and cable manufacturing industry:

CableBuilder Enterprise and CableBuilder Go are designed to simplify the complex management of cable design.

The software enables significant productivity gains by efficiently handling product data, enhancing continuity and data integrity throughout the cable lifecycle.

CableBuilder Enterprise enables you to seamlessly manage product data through design, cost, quotation, ordering, quality assurance and ERP integration workflow milestones.

CableMES was developed for the wire and cable manufacturing industry to support Industry 4.0 advancements and help them maximize plant production, improve product quality, manage inventory, and support on-time delivery.

Software tailored to customer requirements

Each software installation is specifically tailored to the requirements of the customer, ensuring the software is adopted into the client’s existing parameters and systems. UL Solutions offers comprehensive training during implementation and ongoing customer support.




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