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Contact Information
PO Box: 11529, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 815 8888

Say hello to a new metals brand with a forty-year pedigree

DMB is a leading UAE-based metals group, providing high-quality copper and aluminium industrial products through our subsidiaries Ducab Aluminium Company, or DAC, and Ducab Copper Company. DAC provides custom solutions for aluminium rods, wires and bare overhead conductors; while DCC uses CONTIROD technology to produce high-quality ETP copper rods, flexible cables, wires and overhead conductors. DMB is wholly owned by Ducab, a joint venture between the Investment Corporation of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s Senaat.

Custom solutions for aluminium rods, wires and bare overhead conductors

Our liquid aluminium is supplied at 800°c directly from Emirates Global Aluminium, the world’s largest premium aluminium producer, and environmentally friendly processes are used throughout the mill. Our EC grade aluminium rods are 99.7% pure and the production complies with the most stringent requirements of ASTMB 233-97. Our rods are used for cables, wires, and AAC, AAAC and ACSR overhead conductors.


CONTIROD technology for high-quality ETP copper rods and wires

Our 8mm electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper rods are produced using CONTIROD technology, a continuous process involving melting, casting and rolling. The final result is a high-quality metallurgical structure, which is then coiled onto pallets and shrink wrapped to avoid any damage during shipment. Applications for our copper rods include power and communication cables in the telecommunications, automotive, power transmission and construction industries.


Tailormade flexible copper conductors for cables, earthing and end-connections

We produce a full range of bunched copper wire products, tailormade to each customer’s requirements, for use in building wires and cables. We also manufacture customised flexible copper conductors, with smaller wire sizes for added flexibility, that are used in the cables industry, in earthing applications and transformer end-connections.


Bare and tin-coated copper wire for cables, wires and can making

We produce a full range of tin-coated copper wire products at 99% copper purity for building wires, cables and earthing applications. Our bare copper wire is tailormade to each customer’s requirements and used in the wire and cable industries, in earthing applications and in Soudronic technology in the can making industry.


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