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Contact Information
Bekaertstraat 2, 8550 Zwevegem, Belgium
Phone: +421 90 298 3890

Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies. To be the preferred supplier of steel wire products and solutions, we consistently deliver superior value to our customers worldwide. Bekaert was established in 1880 and is a global company with approximately 29 000 employees worldwide.

  • Customer-driven innovation

Together with customers and independent research partners, we are able to create new
solutions that keep up with industries’ evolving needs. Our in-house engineering departments develop machinery, testing and processing equipment to bring new products to reality.

  • Proven technology

Bekaert invests heavily in research and frequently engages with independent engineers and universities to prove the quality and efficiency of new technologies. We also operate two private R&D facilities that investigate the performance of our products through constant testing.

Steel wire transformation and coatings – Bekaert.com

Experienced producer of wire products for the energy market

Bekaert provides high-strength steel wires and strands for offshore and onshore energy applications such as power transmission, oil extraction, gas mining and telecommunications. Our steel wire solutions have a long-running record of accomplishment in both static and dynamic applications and continue to evolve along with the industry.

Today the world and companies are looking for solutions to meet the demand for clean energy. There are ways to generate, transport, and even consume power with a low CO2 footprint. With years of experience, we have developed many solutions for our customers. Bekaert is ready to help you create a better tomorrow by contributing to different applications:

  • Wires for Dynamic marine applications
  • Armoring wires for Subsea energy & data cables
  • Mooring lines for Floating applications
  • Steel strands for Overhead power conductors
  • Wire and Fiber products for Hydrogen transmission, distribution, and storage applications

Bekaert’s presence in power cables

Our company plays a significant role in the energy market. We help our partners across the value chain to bring innovative solutions in offshore and onshore industry markets.

Offshore applications 

Our Bezinox® non-magnetic wire is an ideal solution for power cables for offshore wind farms as they eliminate armoring losses in the HVAC cables. Our galvanized austenitic stainless-steel wires reduce heat dissipation, moreover, protect the cables from crevice corrosion failures.

Learn more about Bezinox® at Bezinox® non-magnetic armouring wire for submarine power cables – Bekaert.com

or watch our explanatory videos:

Bezinox® non-magnetic armouring wire for subsea cables – YouTube

Bezinox® – Protect your cable against the crevice corrosion – YouTube

Onshore applications

To support our partners in energy transmission and distribution, Bekaert offers high-tensile strength steel cores for overhead powerlines. Our Mega/Giga wire and strands provide unique above-standard strength already covered by the new IEC norm. This solution empowers the line designers with different possibilities for technically challenging projects like rivers, canyons, or fjord crossing. At the same time, it offers CAPEX or OPEX cost reduction for developers. By implementing Mega and Giga solutions for overhead powerlines, we contribute to lowering the CO2 footprint together.

To learn more about our high tensile wires and strands, visit High tensile steel cores for overhead power lines – Bekaert.com

or watch our video:  High tensile steel cores for overhead power lines – YouTube

Some of our products related to cables:

Bezinox® non-magnetic armouring wire for submarine power cables – Bekaert.com

High tensile steel cores for overhead power lines – Bekaert.com

Umbilical armoring wire – Bekaert.com


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