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Contact Information
Calle de las Peñuelas, 38 Local 2 28005 – Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34 911 39 25 79


About Ampacimon

Ampacimon is a technology company founded in Belgium and Spain in 2010, offering grid monitoring solutions to Transmission & Distribution utilities, renewable power producers and industrial consumers.

Through its proprietary measurement systems and advanced analytics, Ampacimon allows grid assets to maximize their use, optimize maintenance, and prioritize investments. As such, it offers data-driven solutions enabling the acceleration of renewables integration and the energy transition.

Ampacimon’s cable monitoring solution:

Partial discharge (PD) of high- and medium-voltage cables and substations is monitored and detected with proprietary BlueBOX Technology measurement and diagnosis solutions.

On request, we complement our PD offering with DTS/DAS, sheath current and earthing monitoring, and integrate third-party sensors into our platform for comprehensive cable monitoring.

Technical features:

BlueBOX Technology has been used to monitor thousands of cables around the world, with more than 10 years of track record. The ease-of-use and reasonable pricing has been key reasons for our customers to prefer our solution.

  • Automatic PD signal acquisition and noise removal
  • Superior patented noise removal technique gives clean PD signal
  • Automatic localization, clustering, pattern recognition
  • Online, continuous monitoring of trends, alarms triggered by thresholds
  • Traditional offline measurements for ad-hoc issues
  • On-site commissioning and ad-hoc measurement services

Proven track record:

Ampacimon invests heavily in product development and engages frequently with customers, external partner companies and universities to research new and enhanced solutions. With offices in Belgium, Spain and the USA, Ampacimon has a global presence and systems in operations with all major grid operators in the world.


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Key product development projects with partners:



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