Windak, a leader in innovative cable packaging equipment, is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious WIRE 2024 trade show, taking place from April 15th to 19th in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Visitors can find Windak at stand 10A22, where the company will showcase its state-of-the-art FS200-SA Spooling machine and introduce a groundbreaking new product.

This year, Windak focuses on technological advancements and sustainability in cable packaging. The FS200-SA Spooling machine, designed for the building wire industry, now offers the capability to use eco-friendly cardboard spools. Attendees can witness the machine’s efficiency and precision firsthand with live demonstrations scheduled daily at 10:30 and 14:00.

In a significant development, Windak is set to launch the NEW Transformable AR Spooler at WIRE 2024. This pivotal game-changer in spooling technology is the most versatile spooler on the market. Its innovative design allows reconfiguration for two size ranges – 200-450mm and 300-600mm – and a switch between Left to Right or Right to Left operation, catering to diverse industry needs.

Alongside these technological showcases, Windak will introduce its NEW website, which will have improved service support and be designed to enhance user experience.

“2024 is a milestone year for Windak as we celebrate 30 years of innovation and excellence in the cable packaging industry,” says Olga Berlinberg, Marketing Manager of Windak Group. “Over these three decades, our extensive experience in building hundreds of cable packaging lines has given us deep knowledge and expertise, enabling us to lead with forward-thinking solutions like the Transformable AR Spooler. This anniversary not only reflects our journey of growth but also reinforces our commitment to delivering advanced, customer-focused innovations. We are excited to share this celebration with our partners and clients at WIRE 2024”

Windak invites all attendees to visit their stand 10A22 to explore the innovative solutions and discuss the future of the industry. The team looks forward to engaging with business owners, partners, and visitors, continuing the tradition of fostering growth and developing success together.

For more information about Windak and their participation in WIRE 2024, please contact Olga Berlinberg at

Image source: Windak

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