The TSB150 and TSS150 primary circuit connectors from Multi-Contact have been equipped for a nominal voltage of 1000 V AC at 180 A. These power specifications bring the connectors in line with the increased requirements for modern spot-welding systems, which can, in practice, require voltages of up to 835 V.

These high-performance connectors are used in control cabinets in robotic industrial production processes to supply power to welding systems by connecting the dresspack to the welding transformer along the robot arm. Two pilot contacts can also be integrated for signal cables, while a hexagonal coding pin prevents misalignment.

Multi-Contact has been setting the standard here for decades with its MULTILAM technology, which ensures efficient energy transfer with low performance loss and continuous contact resistance. Outstanding technical features such as the constant contact force and the selfcleaning effect make this system both reliable and low-maintenance.