VINCI Energies and Senelec have signed a €200 million contract to build an array of electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure. French authorities will contribute to the project’s financing.

The works will last three years and employ a total of more than 1,000 people. They involve building 1,350 km of high-voltage and very-high-voltage overhead and underground transmission lines to connect several thousand homes. They also involve building eight very-high-voltage transformer stations. The grid management system will be enhanced, for example, by adding an interface to remotely manage operations and detect defects in the overhead and underground power lines.

The local teams will receive training and know-how with support from VINCI Energies’ French and Moroccan subsidiaries.

This project is part of a wider programme to expand Senegal’s transmission and distribution grid to efficiently and sustainably strengthen the country’s energy capacity by 2026 and move towards universal access to electricity.

Image source: Courtesy of VINCI

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