Theatres and stages rely on lifts to raise and lower lighting, sound and other equipment.  Traditional theatre cable reeling drums will generally only handle one cable type, and with the demand for ever more technology and cables, multiple drums have to be used.  This can cause problems for technicians when overhead space above the stage is limited or already allocated to other lifting equipment.  In addition, a slip ring is often necessary to accommodate the inner rotation, making other services such as Fibre Optic Cables or fluids difficult or impossible

igus® has developed a cable-friendly alternative to the reeling drum with its e-spool system, which allows multiple cable types and diameters (even compressed air and fluids) to be enclosed in one e-chain®, with no limit on the direction of travel and no joins or slip-rings.  An integrated spring enables rotary retraction, and no tensile load is applied to the cables.  In the start position, the e-chain® is completely rolled up, saving space and keeping pathways clear.

The e-spool can accept cables up to 17mm in diameter and is available in standard lengths of 4m, 7m and 14m.  One or two twisterbands can be selected and the e-spools can delivered pre-assembled or as a kit.

To watch a short clip on the e-spool, follow this link:

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