In this week’s video of the week, igus® demonstrates how well e-chains® perform under real-world test conditions in different concentrations of bentonite – a mixture often used in the Offshore industry.

Bentonite is an absorbent clay that is used at low concentrations in drilling fluids to help lubricate and cool the cutting tools, as well as flush away chips and swarf. Another benefit of using this type of fluid is to prevent blowouts.

At high concentrations the bentonite mixture is very thick, taking on the characteristics of a gel. In this form, the mixture is used to stop contamination of the fluid being drilled by the drilling fluid, using a caulking technique.

After 100,000 strokes, the energy chains remained undamaged; tests for resistance to dirt, seawater, chemicals and extreme temperatures have also been performed with equal results.  As a result, OEMs servicing the offshore industry can benefit from an affordable and reliable energy chain system that operates safely and reliably under various extreme environments over a long service life.

To watch a short clip showing e-chains® under bentonite test, please follow this link:

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