Augmenting its R2.75 E2 energy tube, which has an inner height of 75mm, igus® introduces the R2.40 with a height of 40mm.  Available in a range of widths, these cost-effective and robust e-tubes are fully enclosed to ensure that no chips or debris can penetrate inside to damage the cables and hoses. This makes them perfect for the machine tool, woodworking and textile industries, as well as general mechanical engineering applications.

Featuring an innovative hinge system, the e-tubes can be opened from either side, which allows for faster filling of cables and hoses as well as easier access during maintenance. Additionally, the double stop dog system makes for a strong tube that can carry high fill weights for unsupported lengths.

The e-tube is fitted with closed mounting brackets using aluminium lids with integrated c-profile rails. This allows all cables to be correctly anchored using the full range of igus® strain relief products.

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