Üntel Cable has won a “Domestic Product” project from a leading Turkish oil operator to manufacture and supply Electrical Submersible Pump Cables. The five-year project will see Üntel become a leading supplier of these cables, expanding its extensive product range for the energy sector.

ESP Cable Design and Manufacturing Project

The “ESP Cable Design and Manufacturing Project” is an R&D project where Üntel’s team produces these cables, a completely new product line for the company that has seen further investment into new specialist machinery, compounds, chemicals, and new production techniques.

Because there are no local manufacturers, the oil & gas company previously ordered the cables from foreign markets. The project will ensure Üntel is the main supplier of these cables domestically for drilling projects. Üntel has almost completed the project, which is due for completion, and the prototype cable’s despatch soon.

ESP Cable requirements

Once in-situ, Üntel’s ESP Cables will operate under extremely harsh environments due to the heat and chemicals such as petroleum and need to be highly oil-resistant, robust, and durable, with a long working life. Üntel’s R&D team also had to consider the size of the copper conductors for these cables, which are different from its standard cable lines, meaning further investment into its manufacturing. Most importantly, the cables need extremely strong armouring called “interlocked” armouring, made from galvanized steel, which is locked with special welding.

Commenting on the project, Gürcan GÜL, R&D Manager at Üntel said:

“For these ESP Cables to demonstrate high-performance during use in oil wells, it is vital to produce approximately 2,200 metres in a single piece, without any jointing.

“This means that we can produce approximately 5,200 kg of cable in one piece, which requires strong manufacturing infrastructure in terms of capacity and large-scale machinery, as we have available at Üntel.”

Üntel is a registered and preferred supplier of many of the world’s leading companies. It exports cables to over 80 countries on 6 continents, with 60% of its manufacturing dedicated to these markets, bosting over 250 International Certificates for its 15,000 strong cable product range. The company has also achieved ISO Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises last year for the first time in its history to rank higher in 2022.

Source: https://www.untel.com.tr/
Image source: Courtesy of Üntel Kablo

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