What sets Üntel Kablo apart from its competitors?

I think beginning with the history of Üntel Kablo is the best way to explain. Üntel is a family-owned company with the partnership of the Ünlü and Günan families, which started in 1972 and began with the manufacture of rubber and special cables. In those years’, technology was not that well developed in Turkey, so they were hard years with very few capital and commercial possibilities. But that gave Üntel the advantage to develop itself and have the capability of finding new solutions easier.

Today, we can include Üntel as one of the largest special cable manufacturers in the world. Maybe the number one, if you count the number of different cable types produced under one roof. Üntel has the capability to manufacture rubber, PVC, XLPE, polyurethane and other equivalent thermoplastics. The product range consists of low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) cables up to 45 kV for industries such as marine, offshore, mining, airport ground lighting, defence, cranes and other major industrial markets. That gives us the advantage of being more familiar with many different cable types and we can share our experience within these sectors.

Also, what is most important is that we can produce raw materials in-house, which gives us an advantage and individuality of product, time and costs. We have in-house chemical compounding technologies, which enables us to produce our rubber products. There is no other cable manufacturer that has these capabilities.

What new manufacturing developments have there been at Üntel Kablo?

Üntel has a modern factory located near İstanbul, with machinery from prestigious manufacturers and the latest technological test laboratories. With a unique ERP system, we can control the production from purchasing of materials to after-sales. Within our rubber cable production, we have 4 brand new rubber CV and CCV lines, and we can proudly say that “Üntel has a flexible machinery capability” that enables us to produce both thick mining cables and thin railway cables, all on the same line. Employing modernised machinery, well-trained staff and experience, Üntel always targets 100% customer satisfaction.

What are the growth markets for Üntel Kablo?

For the past 3 years, Üntel’s export market has grown rapidly. More than 60 percent of our sales are exported to over 70 countries around the world. If we look at our main markets regionally, the leading market is in Europe, mainly within the UK, Netherlands, Germany and other major European countries. Also, the MENA region is very good for us, particularly within the UAE, Morocco and Algeria. But we always aim to expand into new markets, for instance, by obtaining UL Certification, we can now target the US market.

When we focus on our product types, mining cables, airport ground lighting cables and crane cables are growth markets for us. Domestically and in foreign markets we are getting new tenders and partners within these sectors. Today, many airports around the world use Üntel’s cables as their first choice, due to the fact we have global certificates and major references. The same can be said for the mining and crane industries too – many port cranes, gold mines, lignite mines, coal mines within various countries globally, are using Üntel’s cables.

How is Üntel Kablo addressing the need for quality cable products?

Since our foundation, Üntel has been a special cable manufacturer instead of manufacturing commodity products. We are one of the only companies that do not boost our sales by decreasing quality. We do not compete with commercial products, as we prefer to work in specific industries that demand high-quality cables.

Also, by having certificates from global organisations like VDE, DNV-GL, RINA, BV, LR, ABS and UL and serving prestigious projects, we always concentrate on bringing the best product to market. This is our philosophy; from the beginning of production to the end, we target maximum quality.

What types of tests has Üntel Kablo undergone for its cable range?

Üntel’s quality control laboratories, which are approved by leading standards organisations, are equipped with advanced technology test and measurement devices. Within the scope of Quality System Certificates, there is a quality management system present in Üntel according to ISO, IQnet and TSE quality standards.

In our factory building, we have both physical and chemical test laboratories where we can check all our cables and customers’ sample specifications. We have the capability of making high voltage, fire, water, cold weather and other similar tests in our facility. Also, on our production line, we have control stations that check all steps of our production. 

Üntel Kablo is a leading manufacturer within the offshore and marine sectors, can you tell our readers more about this market?

Nearly 30 percent of our sales are attributed to these sectors. In 1994, Üntel obtained certification for the manufacture of shipbuilding cables. Now, Üntel is a world brand in shipbuilding cables. In Turkey, Üntel works directly with almost every shipyard and yacht builder. Turkey is in a very good location within the global shipbuilding industry; shipyards export valuable projects to maritime countries such as Norway, Netherlands and many others. Because of this market position, Üntel’s products can reach more locations around the world.

Also, Üntel is currently, directly involved in major, global shipbuilding projects. Our product range for the shipbuilding industry is substantial and serves everything from general cargo ships to cruise ships, yachts to military vessels and much more.

For the offshore sector, we work mostly within the export market. We supply very special cables that are resistant to chemicals and to mud for oil rigs, FSOs, FPSOs and drilling platforms.

Finally, an important development for Üntel has been recently obtaining approval from the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) for the German Military Standard VG95218 Part 60-61-63 and 66 Navy cables. In obtaining these certificates, we will be more effective within the offshore marine industry.

What projects are you most proud of?

There is a lot to mention here but, all projects are valuable for us. A project that has been very important to us, is the Istanbul New Airport, which was sensational. On completion, it will be the world’s largest airport with 6 runways, 16 taxiways and a capacity of over 200 million passengers. For the 1st phase, we delivered nearly 5 million meters of airport ground lighting cables.

Osmangazi Bridge built in Turkey by IHI Japan was a huge and prestigious project for us. For this project, we delivered infrastructure and medium voltage underwater cables with fibre optic cores.

Other major projects that come to mind are the Malaga Airport in Spain, the first TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) in Turkey – named ANADOLU and the ASRV Antarctic Supply Research Vessel with icebreaking capabilities built for the Australian Government. But, as I mentioned before, we want to be a solution partner for all our customers, regardless of the project scale.

What can our readers expect next from Üntel Kablo?

By having a vision and always striving to be better, we can work harder for our clients. With new investment and technologies, soon we plan to add new products and certificates to our portfolio. We will also be focusing more on R&D work, so, we hope focusing on these areas will bring new opportunities.

Onur Serhat GÜNAN, Sales Manager at
Üntel Kablo


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