Today’s end-users are challenged with maximizing network efficiency with advanced communications infrastructure while also preserving occupant health and safety and reducing environmental impact. To meet these challenges, Superior Essex has released the first Category 6+ premises copper cable with the Low Smoke Halogen Free designation from UL Wire and Cable, a division of the leading safety science company Underwriters Laboratories. The LSHF designation ensures that this cable does not contain any red-list ingredients, reducing the health and safety risks as well as the environmental impact of this product throughout its lifecycle. This designation was awarded in accordance with the latest version of the IEC 62821-1,-2 and -3 standards, and is valid not only for the cable but also for any compounds or materials used in the cable, from cable jacketing and insulation to its ColorTip® circuit identification system.

“After the release of the IEC 62821 standards and in accordance with our transparency policy, it was an obvious step for us to work with UL Wire & Cable to have the first UL CMR-LSHF listing,” said Will Bryan, Vice President of Marketing at Superior Essex. “Adding the UL LSHF surface mark on our cables helps reinforce our industry leadership.”

“We value transparency and safety in the wire and cable industry,” said Steven Galan, director of UL Wire & Cable, “and our testing and certification procedure enables manufacturers, designers and other key stakeholders to substantiate claims through UL’s trusted third-party certification and offer cables compliant to the latest standard for the benefits of their customers.”

Superior Essex CAT 6+ CMR LSHF cable are designed for applications where health, safety, and transparency are critical, such as healthcare facilities and “green” buildings. This is the industry’s only CAT 6+ CMR LSHF cable that does not require a cross-filler or divider in its configuration, providing increased flexibility and easier handling during installation, as well as reducing the amount of plastic in the cable construction. Superior Essex CAT 6+ LSHF cables are also the first and only CAT 6+ CMR LSHF cables to be manufactured in a Zero Waste to Landfill facility, and to offer Health Product Declarations (HPD), which can contribute toward credits in LEED green-building certification.

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