In May 2019, IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ) authorized UL’s Taiwan laboratory to provide IECQ logo informative test reports according to IEC / EN 62680 series standards. It is the first approved laboratory for IEC/ EN 62680 series of standards on USB Interfaces for data and power. UL has previously been authorized as an Independent Test Lab (ITL) to test USB Type A, B and C cable assemblies and connectors as well as PD E-Markers and power bricks.

USB is available on a wide range of computer peripherals, tablets, and mobile phones and is also widely adopted for LED lighting and fan industries as well as many other related applications. In particular, USB Type-CTM is accepted as the global connectivity standard for the transmission of power voltage up to 100W and high-throughput digital content. In view of this, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has adopted the USB-IF specification and developed the IEC 62680 series of standards after 2016 in order to make the USB Type-CTM interface and related technologies more easily adopted around the world.

UL has seen that testing laboratories other than those Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) authorized by USB-IF are appearing since the development of IEC 62680. While they claim to have testing capability in accordance with the standard, UL deems that the reliability and validity of these tests are the key for product compliance. UL’s laboratory in Taiwan is now the first approved laboratory for this series of international standards which can help customers’ products meet the pertinent industry specifications as they strive to stand apart from the global competition.

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