UL 1385 covers cryogenic submersible pump cables up to 8 kV, and to temperatures as low as -200°C.

In October of 2018, an outline of investigation UL 1385 for cryogenic submersible pump cables, was published. The outline covers cables up to 8 kV, and to temperatures as low as -200°C. These cables are specifically used in applications where there are liquids such as liquid natural gas, liquid propane, liquid methane, liquid nitrogen and other gasses that can only be liquified at extremely low temperatures. The cables are used to supply power to pump motors submerged in the liquids to pump the gases which are typically stored in stationary storage tanks or on floating ships for transportation. The CCN for this new outline of investigation is ELQL, and the PDE for the category is Paul Knapp.

Please contact Paul at Paul.Knapp@ul.com for additional information or questions.

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