As power levels rise for charging applications of mobile and portable devices, the need for safety increases. UL is offering a cooperative marketing program to accelerate the adoption of third-party safety-certified charging cable assemblies. 

Who: Manufacturers with UL certified charging cables to UL 9990, Outline for Investigation Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Power Cables 

What products are eligible for promotion:  All products that fall under referenced certification with UL certification label purchases — full certification, not just approved applicants

Promotional period:  From May 13, 2019, through September 31, 2019

Highlights of promotional offer:
Manufacturers (applicants) buying labels for UL 9990 certification shall qualify for a reduced label prices from US$0.049 to US$0.025 per label during the promotional period while still receiving the same high level of service and features from UL. This equates to a 49% discount from the standard price of the label.*

In addition to this lower label price, UL will contribute up to 25% of the label purchased amount during the promotional period as the cooperative marketing program fund to eligible purchaser of the labels (applicant) to support the promotional campaign that they run for UL9990 certified products. To be eligible to claim the cooperative marketing program fund, the promotional campaign must be ended on or before Dec. 31, 2019.  

Please contact your UL representative via for further information or for quotation of certification project costs.

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