Recently, the Brazilian accreditation body INMETRO issued a statement through a third-party certification body to all holders of INMETRO certificate for power plugs. The statement states that according to INMETRO Decree 85:2006, the applicant on the relevant certificate must be updated to a local Brazilian company. Those UL customers who have local Brazilian companies as the applicants on their INMETRO (issued by UL) or UL-BR certificates are not affected by the above statement.

To help our customers complete the certificate update in a timely manner, UL is making the following limited-time offer:

Scope: Power cord, power cord set, connector, PVC wire, rubber wire
Promotion price: $100 per certificate*
Promotion period: May 24 to July 31, 2019
Region: Global

Remarks: Please present valid certificate, test reports, factory inspection reports and related documents issued by a third-party certification body. Upon completion of the audit, UL Brazil will issue the relevant INMETRO or UL-BR certificate.

Turnaround time: Certificate will be issued within one week after the relevant documents are presented.

Please reach out to your UL representative via for additional information about these service offerings.

* Price does not cover the cost associated with surveillance activities including retesting and factory inspection, which will be borne by applicant/manufacturer who is the holder of UL’s INMETRO and UL-BR Certificates.


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