Tratos, a renowned manufacturer of top-tier cables, offers TratosDedalus® – PV20 0.6 kV/1 kV – Solar Cables, an unwavering solution meticulously crafted for photovoltaic installations. These cables have earned a reputation for their unparalleled characteristics and suitability for the demanding requirements of photovoltaic (PV) systems.

One of the standout qualities of TratosDedalus® cables is their robustness, confirmed through rigorous testing. They adhere to the stringent IMQ CPT 065 standards, providing peace of mind to installers and users alike. These cables withstand extreme conditions, with an impressive thermal endurance of 20,000 hours at 120°C.

TratosDedalus® cables were meticulously designed and developed with renewable energy production in mind. They offer versatility, with the ability to be used both internally and externally in fixed or mobile positions. Additionally, they can be installed within conduits and ducts, making them adaptable to various installation scenarios.

If you’re looking for cables that are perfectly suited for use in Photovoltaic (PV) systems, you’ll definitely want to check out these ones. They’re specifically optimised for use on the Direct Current (DC) side, making them an ideal choice for your needs. They meet the requirements of BS EN 50618, ensuring they are low smoke, halogen-free, flexible, single-core power cables with cross-linked insulation and sheath. This design promotes safety and longevity in PV applications. They exhibit high resistance to corrosion caused by chemical cleaning agents and mechanical abrasion, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. Moreover, they have an impressive temperature range, withstanding temperatures from -40°C to +120°C, even maintaining their integrity during a fire.

The reliability of these cables is underscored by extensive long-term testing, including the PV3 test lasting 3,000 hours and the more rigorous PV20 test lasting 20,000 hours. This testing confirms their suitability for prolonged use in PV applications. Furthermore, they exhibit excellent UV radiation and ozone resistance, making them an ideal choice for outdoor installations.

In addition to the above, TratosDedalus® cables are designed for ease of assembly. They can be conveniently installed both internally and externally, in ducts or tubes, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and agricultural locations. Prioritising environmental compatibility, Tratos Solar cables are halogen-free, contributing to a safer and more sustainable environment. They also facilitate easy recycling and disposal, promoting energy conservation and reducing environmental impact.

TratosDedalus® – PV20 Solar cables offer a comprehensive cabling solution for Photovoltaic (PV) systems. They combine durability, high performance, ease of installation, and environmental sustainability, making them a preferred choice for renewable energy projects. These cables exemplify Tratos’ commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of sustainable energy solutions.

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Image source: Courtesy of Tratos

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