As the mining industry evolves, Tratos remains at the forefront, ready to meet the evolving needs of the sector with its innovative solutions. With its unique cable solutions, commitment to safety, and sustainability efforts, Tratos continues to be a vital player in advancing the mining sector and revolutionising the cable-making industry.

Tratos recognise that the conditions under which electric cables must operate in the mining industry are extremely severe; the premature failure of an electric cable can be both expensive and hazardous. Most recently, Tratos has developed an innovative cable solution for the mining industry – Tratos MTO-RF.

Tratos MTO-RF is a high-visibility cable intended to increase the nighttime visibility of trailing cables used to supply power to items of large mining machinery with two separate and complementary solutions:

R for Reflective. The Reflective stripe will reflect any even small light source, like the car headlights. or even the light of your smartphone. Using a similar principle to the High Visibility Jackets

F for Fluorescent. The Fluorescent compound maintains its emission of fluorescent light for up to 8 hours, without the need for any type of source of light and without the need to be powered up or external costly devices to work…just the compound itself. This also guarantees the durability of its property for a long time without any maintenance in harsh environments such as open-cast mines.

As the short video presentation of Tratos MTO-RF explains, this innovative cable minimises the hazard to people and damage to equipment or even damage to the electrical system of the mine without using any active illumination techniques that need to be powered or high-cost solutions with fibre optics. With a patent technology applied inside the compound itself, it will keep the cable highly visible during complete darkness.

Tratos MTO-RF features a Medium Voltage flexible design incorporating EPR insulation. This proprietary compound, patented by Tratos, has found application in various scenarios where safety is paramount. High Visibility MV and LV trailed or reeled cable suitable for applications involving high mechanical stresses in conjunction with mono spiral and cylindrical reels used for the connection of large material handling machines such as drills, excavators, face shovels and mobile crushers in open-cast mines. It is also suitable for laying alongside conveyor belts and on material handling equipment.

Tratos Mining Cables can be found in open-pit mining, tunnelling and supplying power in deep mines. The range of mining and tunnelling cables includes fixed and flexible cables up to 35 kV. Tratos’ Cables meet or exceed the requirements of Internationally recognised industry standards (e.g. AS/NZS, VDE, BS, UL, CSA, MSHA, and OSHA). Products are also RoHS compliant, manufactured on sites with ISO 14001 Environmental Approval and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Approval.

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Image source: Courtesy of Tratos

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