CRU Wire & Cable 2023 Conference is a leading event aiming to bring together the international metallic wire and cable community for a frank exchange of up-to-date views and outlooks on the wire and cable industry. This year, the focus of the conference will be on issues of electrification, renewable energy solutions and the energy transition, as well as the supply of critical materials.

Prof Maurizio Bragagni Esq OBE is a featured speaker on the panel “Deep dive into managing cost inflation”. He will present key growth markets and emerging trends in 2023, cost drivers in the European wire and cable industry, strategies for managing supply chain disruptions and volatility, and innovations in cost-efficient manufacturing techniques for wire and cable production.

He will share his wealth of experience in sustainable development and innovation gained with panel participants through many years of dedicated service to Tratos. As he is responsible for managing the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development, Prof Bragagni will emphasise that sustainability and greening the economy have become increasingly important issues for businesses worldwide.

One of the key areas of his presentation will be the application of innovation as a core element for the survival of any business. This is particularly important in the electrical sector, where new technologies are constantly emerging, and businesses must adapt quickly to stay ahead of the competition.

He will bring a recent example from Tratos, which made the first application of Bornewables™ technology possible in the electrical sector. This technology uses renewable sources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and helping mitigate climate change’s impact.

In addition to his thoughts on sustainable development and innovation, Prof Bragagni will also provide food for thought on the causes of the current high inflation. Inflation has been a major concern for businesses and consumers alike, and understanding its causes is essential for developing effective strategies to mitigate its impact.

Tratos is well-positioned to continue its leadership in sustainable development and innovation in the cable industry. The company is poised to build on its successes and drive positive change in the industry.

Image source: Courtesy of Tratos

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