A new nylon 6/12 extrusion compound for automotive cable jackets provides excellent chemical resistance, withstands high service temperatures, and exhibits good dimensional stability as a result of low moisture absorption, it was announced today by the Nylon Division of Teknor Apex Company.

The chemical resistance of Chemlon® 890 HNT001 nylon 6/12 is superior to that of nylon 6 and exhibits greater stress corrosion resistance upon exposure to aggressive chemicals or mechanical stresses. The compound is heat stabilized to prevent embrittlement at high service temperatures and is lubricated to facilitate feeding into the extruder. (See table for property data.)

Chemlon 890 HNT001 compound has received General Motors and Chrysler approvals for heat stabilized nylon 6/12. It is currently used in brake jacketing for a U.S. OEM, and the jacket has passed the cable supplier’s heat aging test at 135 °C for 168 hours.

“Chemlon 890 HNT001 is inherently tough and easily processed,” said Jeff Schmidt, North American automotive market manager for Teknor Apex. “We can readily supply this material worldwide from our compounding facilities in the U.S. and Singapore.”

More information about the Chemlon 890 HNT001 Nylon compound is available for download at: