On a total of 448 pages we offer an overview of our fibre optic cable-, copper- and bus technology including connection technology and accessories

The new data, network & bus technology catalogue offers a wide range of our product portfolio.

Product finder

Our product finder in the opening pages guides you easily through pages and helps to find appropriate products:

  • Produkt finder HELUCOM® – Fibre Optic Systems
  • Produktfinder HELUKAT® – Copper Data Systems
  • Product finder HELUKABEL® – Bus Systems

Fibre optic cable HELUCOM®


  • HELUCOM® FS90 with functionality, A/I-D(ZN)BH(SR)H
  • HELUCOM® Microduct A-DQ2Y
  • HELUCOM® ADSS L arial cable + suspension rods
  • HELUCOM® fiber optic cables for PROFInet and PROFIBUS Systeme

Bus-Systems / Industrial Ethernet Systems


  • HELUKAT® 600S drag chain cable Kat.7
  • HELUKAT® 500S drag chain cable Kat.6A
  • HELUKAT® 1200IND Kat.7A for fixed laying
  • HELUKABEL® PROFIBUS for applications to 105°C
  • HELUKABEL® PROFIBUS with 120 minutes insulation integrity
  • HELUKABEL® FireWire™ for drag chain applications
  • HELUKABEL® LON Bus Y118 + H118

Fibre optic- & copper accessories


  • Fibre optic joint
  • MTP/ MPO fibre optic stump for data centers
  • Connector systems for category 7, 6A, 6EA, 5e
  • Industry connector RJ45 accord. to category 6A, category 6, category 5 IP protected
  • Profi bus connector IP protected