Production plant in Bydgoszcz, belonging to the TFKable Group, started production of medium voltage cables in Q2 2018. Within 4 weeks, 61 km of TSLF 36kV cables with personalized marking were produced and a total of 71 cable drums were safely delivered to the final destination located nearly 3000km away from the factory.

This project required from the TFKable Group to reorganize the production process, prepare the required documentation and adequately secure the drums for combined means of transportation – by truck, air and sea – within 4 weeks. In the meantime, Onninen planned the appropriate logistics approach, taking into consideration local infrastructure constraints and the lack of facilities for unloading 15 semi-trailers in the northern part of Norway. Onninen is a long term business partner of TFKable Group in Norway.

Good cooperation in challenging project

With difficult starting point, many challenges in the meantime and with many players involved the project has finally ended up successfully. The account manager at Onninen and the project manager at Nordkraft agree that the cooperation went very well:

– “Cooperation with Nordkraft and TFKable Group was very good.” Onninen had a close dialogue with the project manager Ulf Ragnarem Hanssen, while TFKable Group made sure that all the drums were labeled correctly praised  Morten Olsen, Account Manager at Onninen

– We only have one thing on the Nordkraft side and we say: Dialogue and continuation of delivery, both from Onninen and TFKable Group, are paramount! Our demand for non-standard cable lengths on the drums has been mastered by the supplier in a masterful manner, “concludes Ulf Ragnar Hanssen, Project Manager at Nordkraft.

The wind farm Sørfjord will be equipped with 23 wind turbines with a total capacity of 96.6 megawatts. Each device will have a nominal power of 4.2 MW and a rotor with a diameter of 130 meters. Beginning of operation of the farm is expected at the end of 2019.

More information about the demanding project, which is the result of cooperation between Onninen Norway AS and TFKable Group: