In March 2016, Technical Absorbents will join key players from the wire and cable industry in Cologne for the Applied Market Information Ltd’s Cable 2016 conference. During the three day event, the Super Absorbent Fibre (SAFTM) manufacturer will present a paper on the use of super absorbent water-blocking materials within cables.

Recognised as the leading international forum looking at polymer developments in the cables industry, this prestigious event will take place between 1st and 3rd March at the Martim Hotel. It is expected to attract over 250 international delegates and a table top exhibition will run alongside the event.

“SAF™ can be converted into spun yarns and nonwoven fabric tapes to provide premium water-blocking/swellable protection for power and fibre optic cable applications,” explains Product Development Director Dr Mark Paterson.

“In its fibrous form, it can absorb up to 200 times its own weight in demineralized water and 60 time its own weight in saline. Cables that suffer damage can start to take on water. If a SAF™ containing tape or yarn is present, it will rapidly absorb the liquid at the point of damage and swell to form a gel, blocking any further water ingress.”

“Although super absorbents are available in other forms, containment of the super absorbent functionality is enhanced with a fibre as it can be fully integrated within a yarn, tape or fabric structure. This results in less shedding and dusting.”

As well as presenting a paper, Technical Absorbents will have a display in the table top area where samples of its fibrous technology will be available.

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