TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company and an industry pioneer in undersea communications technology, announces the completion of the new Hibernia Express submarine cable system. The 4,600 km cable provides the lowest-latency fiber-optic path between New York and London, connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia and Brean, UK, with terrestrial fiber to extend connectivity to the major metro areas.

In order to achieve Hibernia Networks’ low latency goal, the engineered route traverses seabed locations that are more challenging than traditional transatlantic routes. To mitigate the risks, an aggressive installation and burial approach was necessary, achievable only by incorporating detailed planning, selecting the optimum seasonal window of operation for the region, utilizing appropriate vessels and subsea tools coupled with a robust cable design. SubCom utilized three Reliance class vessels, each of which were equipped with heavy, three-meter capable sea plows and dedicated ROVs to successfully bury more than 50 percent of the route length over some of the most challenging terrain in the Atlantic.

“Building such a low latency path did not come without significant challenges as the project required unprecedented burial techniques,” said Aaron Stucki, President, TE SubCom. “Our company’s technology portfolio and operational excellence made us the ideal supplier for Hibernia Networks’ groundbreaking system and we’re pleased with our continued success in project implementation.”

“Having a unique low latency route with superior burial minimizes future risk and allows Hibernia Express to offer unmatched services to our customers at large,” said Bjarni Thorvardarson of Hibernia Networks. “TE SubCom proved up to the challenge that this