TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity, introduces the 6.0 mm GRACE INERTIA connector. Featuring a compact 6.0 mm pitch, the new connector helps save valuable space on printed circuit boards used in appliances, HVAC systems, and industrial equipment.

TE’s GRACE INERTIA connectors offer a locking mechanism in the housing, which helps prevent unreliable connections that might result from improper mating. The new 6.0 mm connector brings its error-resistant locking design to mid-range power (up to 10A) wire-to-board connections in two- and three-position configurations. The benefit for designers is a more compact connector design for medium-power connections. Previous solutions meeting these requirements have been based on 6.5 or 7.92 mm centerline spacing.

The 6.0 mm GRACE INERTIA connector’s design helps prevent an improper mating connection between plug contacts and header contacts. For added assurance during assembly, the connector makes an audible “click” to signal to the assembler that mating is complete and that the plug and header are latched together. The connector’s inertia force locking mechanism helps to complete the mating process, while also providing a reliable connection during use. This offers an advantage against potential unmating that may be caused by external forces.

“Design engineers continue to be challenged with reduced sizing and available space on circuit boards used in appliances and industrial equipment, yet they need to maintain high product reliability,” said Angie McMillin, power interconnect global family leader of TE Appliances. “Our new 6.0 mm GRACE INERTIA connector offers a solution: its compact 6.0 mm pitch reduces overall connector size and locking system helps eliminate the worry of mismating during assembly.”