TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, provides stepper motor makers and users with one of the broadest portfolios of terminals and splices on the global market. The company works closely together with its customers to develop and supply highly engineered solutions for their requirements. TE’s terminals and splices for stepper motors can be used in applications like robotics, machine tools and pick-and-place machines.

With its decades-long history in development and delivery of terminals, splices and tooling, TE is able to ensure that crimps meet the necessary UL and MIL standards to meet application requirements. TE helps customers meet and even stay ahead of trends in energy efficiency and precise motion control. The company’s range spans standard products and customization options, available with short lead times and backed up by expert technical service. They offer three distinct families of closed-barrel products: SOLISTRAND, PLASTI-GRIP and PIDG (pre-insulated diamond grip).

SOLISTRAND uninsulated terminals and splices use TE’s ‘W’ crimp. They are for wire sizes from 26 AWG to 600 MCM and have a voltage rating designed for the recommended wire. SOLISTRAND products are engineered to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance in the most punishing environments.

PLASTI-GRIP insulated terminals and splices use TE’s ‘C’ crimp, are for wires in the 22 to 2/0 AWG range and have a 600 V rating. These products answer the need for inexpensive insulated electrical terminations.

PIDG types are also insulated and use the ‘C’ crimp, but include metallic sleeves for additional wire insulation support. They are designed for complete and uniform reliability in high vibration environments. Intended for wires in the 26 to 10 AWG range, they have a voltage rating of 300 V.

TE has a dedicated team that works with industrial motor manufactures side by side to build a custom solution that has a low cost and high reliability. For more information or to contact TE’s experts, visit TE’s Industrial Terminals & Splices web page. For TE’s other motor connectivity solutions, visit www.te.com/motor.