The T&B® Cable Tray Over-Support Splice Adaptor, new from Thomas & Betts (T&B), reduces costs by reducing the need for structural supports for the expansion of beams and struts. It also can be used for mid-span splicing.

“The Over-Support Splice Adaptor was originally designed to reduce the number of supports needed for expansion of modular aluminum beam and strut system assemblies,” said Ralph Donati, product marketing director at T&B. “Engineers, contractors and end users have found that it contributes to cost reductions without sacrificing the assembly’s structural integrity.”

The T&B® Cable Tray Over-Supper Splice Adaptor is placed below the expansion joint and allows for wider distribution of support, thereby minimizing stress and deflection on the assembly. No additional supports are required.

For more information about the new T&B® Cable Tray Over-Support Splice Adaptor from T&B, please visit and look for T&B® on the “Brands” tab, or call (800) 238-5000.