Taihan Cable & Solution is gearing up to leap forward as a total solution provider capable of laying submarine cables by announcing the acquisition of a 6,200-ton cable laying vessel, or CLV. Korea’s only CLV, designed for offshore wind power, has advanced features such as self-propulsion and a dynamic positioning system (DP2). The vessel can load up to 4,400 tons of underwater cables at once. 

This acquisition positions Taihan competitively in turn-key projects from submarine cable production to laying. As only a few cable manufacturers have cable-laying capabilities, Taihan is set to lead in the burgeoning offshore wind power industry globally. Furthermore, the increasing demand for submarine cables is likely to cause a shortage of cable layers, leading to higher charter rates for such vessels. This vessel favours Taihan to undertake projects steadily and tap into new revenue sources. A cable-laying vessel is specifically designed for underwater cables. Therefore, it outperforms cable-laying barges or CLB-converted barges originally used for carrying cargo. 

Capable of sailing at 9 knots on average under its own power, the CLV can transport and lay cables much faster than CLBs, which mostly rely on tugboats. This efficiency is especially beneficial for distant projects in regions like Europe and the Americas. The vessel also boasts high stability in rough seas and resistance to severe weather conditions. 

In addition, a dynamic positioning system (DP2) mounted on the vessel automatically maintains its designated position for hours, allowing for precise cable installation and stable navigation.  

Taihan is planning to use this vessel first for the Yeonggwang Nakwol Offshore Wind Power Project, which it recently won, and later, the Anma Offshore Wind Power Project. The company will collect suggestions from its employees in naming the vessel in January next year.

A company official said, “As this CLV meets the global standard for the European offshore wind power market, it opens up various business opportunities in the global market.” The official added, “We will work to leap forward as a total solution provider in the global submarine cable market through aggressive investments, including the construction of a second submarine cable plant for HVDC and export cables and expanding our sales network both in Korea and internationally.” 

Source: https://www.taihan.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Taihan

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