SACO AEI Compounds announces commercial launch of SX-0606 a high performance moisture-cure, silane crosslinkable sheathing compound to meet specification NEK606 Cables for offshore installations, halogen free & mud resistant.  SX-0606 features easy processing with high line speed and excellent cable surface finish.

SX-0606 is a highly flexible, low smoke and fume sheathing compound focused on offshore Oil & Gas industry installations, marine and shipboard, and related industrial cabling systems. SX-0606 was developed to answer our customer needs for a moisture cure solution to manufacture cables to meet the NEK606 standard.  In enclosed environments such as those in shipboard, offshore (OPG) marine installations, SX-0606’s zero halogen content, low-smoke, fume and fire retardant properties contribute to crew and passenger safety. SX-0606 is also suitable for use in heavy industrial applications and hostile environments where abrasion resistance is required.

Paired with flexible SX-554 EPR insulation and high LOI bedding compound, SX-0606 sheathed cables meet the highest fire retardant and oil resistance performance requirements while exhibiting rubber like flexibility and excellent cable surface finish.   SX-0606 HFFR compound is currently available in pre-colored black to meet UV resistance requirements.  It is also available in natural and pre-coloured format subject to customer preference.

For additional information and a data sheet or samples, please meet SACO AEI Compounds at Wire South America booth 712 where SX-0606 will be featured, or please get in touch directly by emailing –