Superior Essex is excited to announce that its PowerWise™ Category 5e+ 4PPoE cable and its Category 6+ F/UTP cable have been certified by the HDBaseT Alliance as approved power and data solutions for HD audio and video applications. This certification allows the PowerWise CAT 5e+ cable and the CAT 6+ F/UTP cable to be used in HD A/V applications in home and enterprise spaces where communications cabling is prevalent and interoperability between communications infrastructure such as HD A/V is critical to overall system performance.

The PowerWise CAT 5e+ cable is the only category cable designed to support a variety of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications, especially those requiring high power transmission and exceptional energy efficiency. The Category 6+ cable is designed for traditional network applications including 10GBASE-T, 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-T and legacy Ethernet applications, as well as Power-0ver-Ethernet, and offers up to 18 dB margin of Alien Crosstalk (AXT) headroom. Each of these cables can also help purchasers meet their sustainability requirements, with the CAT 6+ offering Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and Health Product Declarations (HPD) that allow it to contribute toward LEED credits, and both the PowerWise CAT 5e+ and the CAT 6+ cables being manufactured domestically in a Zero Waste to Landfill facility.

The HDBaseT Alliance is an organization which promotes and standardizes HDBaseT™ technology for whole-home and commercial distribution of uncompressed High-Definition (HD) multimedia. With the certification of these cables, Superior Essex now offers a full range of high-performance Category 5e through Category 6A cables that have been certified by the HDBaseT Alliance and are listed as solutions for HD A/V. In addition to the PowerWise CAT 5e+ and the CAT 6+ F/UTP cables, this listing also includes the 10Gain® XP Category 6A cable, designed with a nominal 0.265” overall diameter and a unique isolation wrap that provides up to 7 dB of AXT headroom.

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