The Federal Network Agency has determined the route corridor for the two sections B of the SuedLink direct current connection.

The approved sections run between Scheeßel and Bad Gandersheim / Seesen in Lower Saxony. Projects 3 and 4 of the SuedLink will be implemented in these sections together in a so-called main route.

“The rough course of the SuedLink is now clear. We are thus getting one of the central projects of the energy transition off the ground,” says Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency. “We welcome the intensive public participation and are pleased to be able to consider two suggestions from the hearing.”

The fixed route corridor of around 190 km begins northeast in Scheeßel and passes Hanover to the west. In the Hildesheim district, it runs from Freden through the Leine valley. At Einbeck it connects to the route corridor of Sections C that has already been established.

In its decision, the Federal Network Agency took into account two alternatives from involving the authorities and the public. The route corridor runs south of Seelze between Lathwehren and Kirchwehren (town of Seelze). It will be bundled with existing overhead lines north of Göxe (City of Barsinghausen). From Freden (Leine) the route corridor runs along the Leinetal to Einbeck-Volksen.

The decision is published at and

The next step is the planning approval procedure

After completion of the federal sectoral planning, the plan approval procedure follows. In this approval step, the Federal Network Agency defines the exact course of the line within the route corridor. The public is also comprehensively involved in this process step. The Federal Network Agency expects the applications of the transmission system operators for plan approval in the near future.

Background SuedLink

The SuedLink is intended to transport offshore wind power from the North Sea to the southern German conurbations on the Main and Neckar. The project is being implemented jointly by the transmission system operators TenneT TSO GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH.

SuedLink consists of two projects and will begin in Wilster and Brünsbüttel. The end-points are the network nodes Bergrheinfeld and Großgartach. Both projects are planned and built-in parallel over large areas. SuedLink is divided into several planning sections. The project will be implemented as an underground cable with a capacity of 2 GW each. Commissioning is planned for 2026.

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Image source: Courtesy of The Federal Network Agency

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