Südkabel is proud to contribute to the German North-South corridor project for the transition of renewable energy with an advanced 525kV HVDC power cable system by supplying a significant portion of the “Corridor ANord” project.

Südkabel GmbH, Mannheim will participate as technology partner of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Japan, at one of Germany’s major HVDC – link projects and will deliver a significant portion of HVDC cables and provide
installation, engineering and other project services. The cooperation benefits from both, Sumitomo’s advanced HVDC XLPE material technology, HVDC project experience, and financial strength and Südkabel’s experiences in executing Extra High-Voltage XLPE cables systems, long term relation to the customer Amprion, and its local production capacities in Germany.

Südkabel‘s Managing Director Dr. Johannes Kaumanns expressed – We are very proud to support a significant part of the German “Energiewende” (energy transition) in our close collaboration as technology partner with Sumitomo Electric Industries with our local competence of producing HVDC cables -Made in Germany-.

After two years of intensive qualification and testing Südkabel is able to apply Sumitomo’s advanced HVDC XLPE material technology and taking part in such a major infrastructure project with our EPC turnkey knowledge to deliver extruded underground cables from Germany and into Germany‘s transmission grid.

Südkabel delivered a number of HV and EHV power cable projects to Amprion as one of our key customers, which underlines our strong business relationship.

Source: https://www.suedkabel.de/
Image source: Courtesy of Südkabel

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