The upgraded electrical interconnection between Kyllini and Zakynthos was successfully energised, eventually securing the energy supply of the Ionian Islands and advancing the upgrade of the Transmission System in western Greece. The new 150 kV high-voltage submarine cable system replaced the existing interconnection, which had been in continuous operation since the early 1980s and faced technical issues due to its age. Its replacement had been initiated as a priority by IPTO, aiming to cover the increased loads of the island. It was executed with a high sense of urgency by Hellenic Cables.

In less than one year, Hellenic Cables, the cables segment of Cenergy Holdings, acting as the main EPCI contractor, successfully delivered the project in order to ensure a stable and reliable power supply for the island beginning from this year’s tourist season. The high-voltage submarine cable system has been designed by the in-house engineering team of Hellenic Cables, it was manufactured at the state-of-the-art submarine cable facility of the company in Corinth, Greece, and its competent teams installed it and the installation sub-contractor.

Mr. Manos Manousakis, Chairman and CEO of IPTO, commented: “With the new electrical interconnection between Kyllini and Zakynthos, IPTO enhances the energy security of the Ionian Islands. By 2025, we will renew critical electrical infrastructure in the rest of the Ionian Islands, significantly strengthening the Transmission System in the western part of the country. Congratulations to the people of IPTO and the Contractor for their excellent cooperation, resulting in the fast and successful completion of the project.”

Mr. Kostas Savvakis, General Manager of Hellenic Cables, commented: “We would like to thank the management team and project team of IPTO, our internal teams and external partners for their effective cooperation, hard work and dedication which allowed this very important project to be completed on time. We are particularly delighted to continue supporting IPTO in the realisation of its vision of grid modernisation, and we look forward to future cooperations.”

Image source: Courtesy of Hellenic Cables

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