Taihan has signed a charter agreement for a submarine cable-laying vessel with Haechun, a company specialising in the laying of submarine cables and the construction of underwater structures. The charter period is set from July this year until October 2025, totalling 16 months, and the charter fee amounts to 51 billion won.

This agreement enables Taihan to secure sales exceeding the acquisition cost of the vessel just three months after its purchase. In December last year, the company invested approximately 50 billion won to acquire a dedicated submarine cable laying vessel, aiming to expand its submarine cable installation capabilities and secure new sources of revenue.

A representative from Taihan stated, “This charter agreement serves as an opportunity to demonstrate the competitiveness of our vessel and the potential for new business expansion. By enhancing our submarine cable products and production capabilities and expanding the operational capacity of our laying vessels, we aim to emerge as a total solution provider in the submarine cable sector.” 

Source: https://www.taihan.com/
Image source: Courtesy of Taihan

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