Weidmuller expands their line of stripax® ULtimate self-adjusting wire strippers with the addition of the new stripax® ULtimate XL. This high-precision stripping tool is for removing insulation from large cables with cross sections that range from 14-8 AWG. The stripax®ULtimate XL easily and quickly strips wires that have tough, halogen-free insulation as well as cables with PUR sheathing materials and diameters up to 7.2mm.  It is an essential stripping tool for manufacturing and factory automation applications, which often include control line cables, earthing cables, motor connection and power bus cables, and Sensor Actuator Interface (SAI) cables.

The stripax® ULtimate XL features a unique set of blades that enable quick, clean and precise stripping via an automatic, self-adjusting action, on almost any type of halogen-free insulation material. In addition, these blades make short work of UL-type cables (specified by UL for use in harsh environments) that have hard or smooth insulation. The lower jaw adjusts via a setscrew to provide precise, symmetrical stripping of the thick, soft insulation materials on sensor and actuator cables, without impact to the cable shape.

All stripax® tools offer insulation stripping up to 1”, an adjustable grip, and a three-stage partial strip option that retains a portion of stripped insulation on the tip of the wire to prevent fanning or breakage of the fine conductors. This feature eliminates the need to twist the conductors prior to insertion in a clamp or wire-end ferrule, adhering to recommended industry standards for maintaining a safe, long-lasting connection.

The new stripax® ULtimate XL is now available from Weidmuller with part number 1512780000. Please visit the Tools page for more information: stripax® ULtimate XL

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