# Sterlite Grid will install 160 transmission towers in the topographically challenging PirPanjal range using Erickson’s Aircrane helicopter
# Erickson’srobust aerial technology & expertise will enable Sterlite Grid to commission the project 10 months ahead of schedule
# Project will ensure efficient power supply to Jammu & Kashmir and Leh-Ladakhregions. Over 1,000 MW of power exchange between J&K & Northern Grid to be enabled, increasing current power transmission capacity by over 70%

New Delhi (February 17, 2016): Sterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited (Sterlite Grid) has become India’s first private power transmission developer to deploy Aircrane for setting up of a power transmission line in the extremely challenging terrain of Jammu & Kashmir. Sterlite Grid has partnered with US-based Erickson Inc. to install nearly 160 transmission towers in the rough terrain of Pir Panjal ranges, using Erickson’s S64 Aircrane, a heavy lift helicopter.

With the NRSS 29 Project set to commence in mid-2016, Sterlite Grid expects to commission the transmission network between Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir nearly 10 months ahead of schedule.

Erickson will help Sterlite Grid erect towers for the NRSS 29 power line in the remote Himalayan region at altitudes of 9,000-12,500 feet. Erickson will fly materials and steel to build the towers utilising the S64 Aircrane, capable of high-precision aerial lift work. Erickson has 40 years of experience building transmission towers utilising the Aircrane in similarly remote and austere environments.

With J&K’s power demand at about 3,000 MW, the Project will enable the state to draw double the power from the national grid. Today, the state is dependent on local hydro power projects and a single transmission line passes through avalanche/landslide prone areas connecting J&K with the national grid. The NRSS 29 project will strengthen the existing power transfer capability by 70%, provide an alternate route for power transfer and increase reliability of the grid. It will enable exchange of more than 1,000 MW of power between J&K & Northern Grid and create provision for future expansion. The NRSS-29 is the largest private sector transmission project awarded in India till date.

“We, at Sterlite Grid, are committed to the nation’s vision to electrify every home. We strongly believeinnovation and cutting-edge technologies will be the key drivers to achieve faster growth. We are glad to introduce a global leader like Erickson to the potential of India’s infrastructure sector and look forward to working with them on future projects,” said Pratik Agarwal, Vice Chairman, Sterlite Grid.

“Erickson is excited to have been awarded this strategic contract in India by Sterlite Grid. India is a large market for Erickson and we believe we can offer a competitive advantage in the construction of infrastructure projects in the country. As a business, we are pivoting towards long-term, infrastructure projects in the emerging and developing markets. We are looking forward to building a long-term relationship with Sterlite Grid and India,” said Jeff Roberts, President and CEO, Erickson.

Sterlite Grid, India’s largest private developer of independent power transmission systems, is building ~450 Circuit Kilometre of transmission lines and 400/220-kilovolt (kV) gas insulated substation (GIS) in Amargarh, J&K (Northern Region Strengthening Scheme -29Project). To complete this line, nearly 1,150 towers will be erected in the most challenging terrains of PirPanjalrange which lies in the inner Himalayan region.

Sterlite Grid is known for introducing robust technologies in power infrastructure development. It is the first Indian company to use LiDAR based surveys to optimise transmission lines and heli-stringing for least disturbance to neighbours and early commissioning. Recently Sterlite Grid joined hands with Sharper Shape, Finland’s leading drone solutions provider, to deliver cutting-edge drone-technologiesfor the power transmission industry.