You will want to be present at the most important industry event happening in Düsseldorf, Germany from March 30 to April 3, 2020. Everyone who is anyone in the cable industry will be there. We are keeping with the biennial tradition of inviting our customers and visitors to Maillefer stand 10 / C22, where they will be greeted with innovation, exciting technology, smart solutions and, most importantly, a competent and welcoming face. Discover how just another two years’ worth of progress and developments are changing our industry.

A showcase of products will surround the Smart Circle, which is at the heart of the Maillefer stand. Leading technologies are integrated into our lines and components. Get to experience Smart Buffering, Roundness Optimization, Defect Detection, Preventive Maintenance, Sim Factory, NCC Curing Calculation and more within the Smart Circle. Artificial intelligence with its neural networks and predictive models captured from real industry environments, are thrusting production performance and product quality forward while ensuring that you stay well in control of the demanding extrusion process.

Two complete lines will be visible on our stand – a fiber optic secondary coating line and an imposing high-voltage CCV line. Curiously, they both fit on just a few square meters! Thanks to virtual reality and some powerful rendering we are able to take visitors on an exploratory tour that reveals the winning designs and inner workings of the two lines.

Maillefer Smart Monitoring will be at work during the show, taking a variety of data from the stand, then crunching, compiling, correlating, and consolidating it into an informative display of the Smart Factory. Its remarkable flexibility makes it a decisive tool for successful factory operation that adapts easily and evolves rapidly to individual needs.

Exemplary production sites around the globe are pushing the limits of wire & cable manufacturing. We are proudly listing more than a dozen of them as industry references. Learn about each of their successes and how Maillefer gets involved with practical solutions, know-how and services.

For those who need to get their hands around real steel components, we will have lots of them on the stand. The exhibits includes topography scanning of energy cable surfaces, new dual take-up for telecom wire, a choice of crossheads and extruders for low-voltage and fiber optic cables, a tape folding system, and more.

Much has happened over the past couple years. Sustainability has taken a strong hold on our product designs and caused us to look closer at how we operate as a leading provider in the industry. Here too, we are excited to highlight the advantages our solutions provide in answering customer concerns regarding sustainability. Longer lengths, less scrap, optimum material consumption and tight tolerances, longer run times, equipment durability and extended lifecycles through services and upgrades are immediate answers that Maillefer provides to today’s customers.

Our multinational team is eager to welcome you on our freshly looking stand. We are joined by colleagues from Davis-Standard, as well as agents and representatives from around the world. Step into Messe Düsseldorf’s hall 10 stand C22 during the fast-approaching five-day event; because being there is everything.

Image source: Courtesy of Maillefer

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