TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity and sensors and a pioneer in wire crimping solutions, offers the industry’s broadest range of crimping tools and terminals. An important family in that range, SOLISTRAND solderless terminals and splices, has played a pivotal role in powering technological innovation for over 70 years.

One of the reasons for the success of SOLISTRAND has been its extreme fitness for purpose: recent Millivolt drop tests at TE to simulate long-term electrical performance have demonstrated that these products can have working lives that stretch beyond 40 years.

SOLISTRAND was originally developed in the 1940s, when industrial manufacturers needed terminals strong enough to crimp to wires that powered turbines, aircraft control systems, and other heavy machinery during the war effort. In the modern era, SOLISTRAND plays a crucial role in some of the most technologically advanced applications of the 21st century – powering the next generation of interconnected appliances, power supplies, motors, switchgear, and telecommunications equipment.

“As industrial equipment becomes increasingly interconnected, the next generation of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology demands components that last longer and perform even in the harshest environments,” says Callum Luff, Product Manager. “We go to great lengths testing our product, so our customers know SOLISTRAND will not let them down when it matters most. The Millivolt tests that we have just performed are just the latest confirmation of the quality of this important product family.”

SOLISTRAND is engineered to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance in the most punishing environments. SOLISTRAND is corrosion resistant, vibration resistant, and has a tensile strength that easily meets commercial and military specifications. The terminals and splices resist temperatures of up to 170 degrees Celsius, and operate at high voltages – up to the voltage rating of the applied wire.

TE Connectivity developed the “W” crimp specifically for SOLISTRAND to provide excellent electrical performance and high tensile strength when crimped with TE tooling. This unique crimp permits the use of a shorter barrel, saving valuable space for terminations in tight areas.

SOLISTRAND is available in ring, flag, spade, hook, and flanged tongue terminals, as well as parallel and butt splices, in wire sizes from 26 AWG (0.129 mm2) to 600 MCM.

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