TE Connectivity Ltd., a world leader in connectivity and sensors, introduces its Snap-Lug power connector, a ruggedized power connector that enables a dependable and rapid method for interconnecting heavy gauge power cables to bus bars, relays, batteries, power cables, grounding devices and more. The Snap-Lug connector replaces current terminal lugs with a safe, reliable, quick disconnect without the need for a torque wrench or nuts and washers.

TE’s Snap-Lug power connectors are used in military ground vehicles, commercial aviation, and industrial commercial vehicles. These connectors are color coded and keyed for polarity to help prevent damage from accidental polarity reversal. The easy-to-use design saves time through a snap-on/push-to-release installation feature. The self-locking connector can also withstand high vibrations and extreme temperatures to enable continuous power in harsh environments. The shrouded, isolative design has no exposed metal, enabling a safe connection of power.

“TE’s Snap-Lug quick disconnect power connector has been engineered to replace the traditional terminal lug with a safe, reliable, quick installation connector that enables applied cost savings for our customers,” said Steve McIntire, product manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE Connectivity.