St. Louis, Missouri – Sept, 2019 – Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has unveiled a new Small-Diameter 10GXW Cable, the market’s smallest-diameter Category 6A cable that’s also designed to support multi-gigabit, smart building applications such as in-building wireless.

Created to address concerns about the availability of a reliable Category 6A solution that also helps installers maximize labor and resource productivity, 10GXW Cables provide an infrastructure solution optimized for smart buildings.

Because 10GXW Cable is the smallest, lightest Category 6A cable available – with a diameter of 0.250 inches – it’s also the easiest horizontal Category 6A solution to handle, install and route through plenum spaces.

10GXW Cables utilize EquiBlock™ technology to achieve uniform heat flow dissipation that eliminates hotspots in cable bundles. It also has outstanding cable balance that translates to superior noise immunity performance, which is essential for wireless networks so that data signals reach endpoint devices without reliability issues like slow speeds or downtime.

Because Belden’s mission is to make reliable, versatile solutions that are also quick and easy to deploy, installers can combine 10GXW with the REVConnect® Connectivity System to create the world’s easiest-to-deploy end-to-end cabling infrastructure system. For example, the use of a REVConnect Plug or FlexPlug reduces labor and hardware costs by taking advantage of MPTL configuration to directly connect any endpoint device to the network without a jack, biscuit box or patch cord.

“Enterprise wireless access ports requiring Category 6A performance are projected to grow by over 30% through 2022 to support increases in mobile data traffic,” says Matt Baum, Belden’s product line manager, enterprise connectivity. “To support this increase, cabling infrastructure will also need to change to accommodate it. 10GXW Cables allow easy upgrades to Category 6A performance levels, using a cabling solution that supports multi-gigabit applications and reduces labor and material costs.”

Only Belden’s innovative enterprise connectivity solutions take a universal approach to customers’ enterprises, resolving signal transmission needs by enabling the latest technologies, and with IP- and legacy-based solutions that allow for a smooth migration to convergence. Belden’s extensive portfolio spans LAN, data centers, building automation and security and access control to keep information running smoothly. Outstanding global service and support capabilities and application-specific warranty programs complete Belden’s unique offering.

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Image source: Belden

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