February 2016 – Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has launched a free ‘Interactive Data Centre Guide’ as part of its WheelHouse™ portfolio.  Focusing support for data centre professionals, this online educational resource centre provides comprehensive data centre guidance for selecting, designing and deploying the business-critical infrastructure upon which the entire data centre relies.  Its aim is to ‘connect the world to a higher data centre standard’ by offering comprehensive resources in one immediately accessible and easily navigable interactive guide.

WheelHouse is Siemon’s complete portfolio of advanced data centre solutions and in this 58 page guide, it brings together a comprehensive selection of educational tools, with free access to a library of white papers, videos and webinars, plus a shielded learning centre.  Infrastructure planning and design has its own section and seeks to explain how cabling can be a strategic asset for the data centre; a hypothesis supported by a wide array of products from cabling and cabinets to power and cooling.  Information about the company’s expertise completes the guide, plus details of its ‘ecosystem partners’, including Cisco, IBM, Brocade, Avaya and Honeywell.

Visitors to the WheelHouse Interactive Data Centre Guide can quickly explore their own areas of interest, with infrastructure planning and design being a common starting point.  This section takes in the entire process from information gathering, to design development and ultimately implementation.  Each stage unfolds and helpfully links to relevant resources, including Siemon’s own data centre design service.  Eye-catching cost savings are explained and supported with examples, including one customer case study which illustrates how over two million dollars were cut, thanks to the most appropriate structured cabling architecture being planned from the outset.

Cabinets, power and cooling are a very informative part of the guide with the hot topic of stranded power being discussed and how to unleash it in order to reduce costs.  Cost savings and higher density using shared Zero-U space between bayed cabinets is featured significantly, as is deployment time and the potential to speed installation and safeguard operational quality with Siemon’s preconfigured V-Built™ solutions.

Showcased within the WheelHouse Interactive Data Centre Guide, is Siemon’s complete portfolio of data centre infrastructure solutions, from 10GBASE-T category 6A and 7A copper cabling, to LightHouse® advanced fibre solutions that facilitate migration from 10 to 40 and 100 gigabit speeds.  The LightStack™ ultra high-density plug and play system is a pivotal product in this section as is the recently introduced EagleEye™ Connect automated infrastructure management (AIM) system for MapIT® G2.

“With this new WheelHouse guide we encompass all the support that Siemon can offer to data centre professionals,” explained Alberto Zucchinali, Siemon’s data centre solutions and services manager EMEA.  “It provides a single access point to a huge body of the most relevant information and we believe that it will become a valued reference point for those responsible for the future performance of data centres around the world.”

For free access to the ‘WheelHouse Interactive Data Centre Guide’ visit http://www.siemon.com/wheelhouse