Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has announced the launch of its new LightBow™ fibre termination system that continues to improve fibre termination speed, performance and reliability whilst reducing costs. Part of Siemon’s LightHouse™ advanced fibre optic cabling solutions, the new system features an exclusive patent-pending termination tool and pre-polished mechanical splice connectors that together reduce termination time, prevent fibre end face contamination and air gaps, and enable easy verification of termination quality.

Ergonomically optimised for use in handheld or table-top orientation, the new LightBow termination tool significantly reduces termination time by combining both splice activation and crimping in a single, optimised step and providing universal LC and SC connector compatibility with no time-consuming changeover. It also features integrated LC and SC strip templates moulded right into the tool to ensure proper strip length of the fibre. To enhance connector performance, the tool’s alignment channels simplify fibre insertion, whilst its patent-pending bow feature maintains proper pressure of fibre ends during termination to eliminate air gaps. To further ensure reliability, the entire termination process is completed with the connector dust-cap in place, protecting the critical end face polish from contamination or damage.

For use with the tool, Siemon LightBow pre-polished mechanical splice connectors ship factory assembled to eliminate time-consuming field assembly of inner and outer connector bodies. Available in both LC and SC configurations, and in multimode and singlemode versions, the connectors feature a built-in verification window in the connector body for use with Siemon’s 0.5mW output power, Laser Class 1 visual fault locator (VFL). This allows technicians to immediately verify a positive termination. Following termination verification, the new system offers the unique ability to adjust the fibre or re-terminate the connectors if needed.

“Fast deployment and superior reliability are of the utmost importance in today’s fibre networks, and fibre field terminations remain popular due to their ability to meet a variety of installation scenarios,” says Nicolas Roussel, technical manager Central Europe for Siemon. “Whilst we have long offered a fast, high performance fibre termination system, our new LightBow system is a direct result of listening to the voice of the customer. Not only does the connectors’ built-in verification window and ability to be re-terminated significantly enhance connector reliability, but the entire system is much less expensive with a low-cost, lightweight tool.”

The new LightBow termination tool is available in a complete kit with a convenient carrying case that contains all accessories required for high performance terminations, including Siemon’s 0.5 mW VFL with 2.5mm to 1.25mm universal connector adapter and precision cleaver with long-lasting blade that provides consistent, precise and high quality cleaves. For more information on the new fibre termination system, visit