December 2015 – Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has announced the expansion of its comprehensive line of copper cable with the addition of category 6A F/UTP shielded outside plant cable (OSP), designed to provide superior performance and support for the latest applications to outside environments. Meeting TIA and ISO performance requirements for shielded class EA/category 6A, this robust shielded cable is ideal for extending network access to outdoor satellite facilities such as temporary classrooms, offices or other buildings in a campus environment. The new cable can support a wide range of outdoor devices, including cameras, wireless access points, point-of-sale kiosks, access control devices and emergency call boxes.

Suitable for harsh environments where fibre optic cable is not appropriate, the category 6A F/UTP OSP cable can be used in direct burial, lashed aerial, duct and underground conduit installations, including under concrete slabs and other wet locations. The four copper pairs inside the cable are segregated by an innovative separator, filled with non-conductive water-blocking gel to prevent moisture ingress and then surrounded by an inner polyolefin jacket. A rugged UV-resistant outer jacket is applied over a layer of water-blocking aramid yarns with an absorbent polymer and an aluminium foil shield that delivers superior RFI and EMI protection.

“It is well known that the stable transmission performance of shielded category 6A copper cabling makes it better able to support the latest high-speed applications such as 10GBASE-T and HDBaseT, whilst also offering improved heat dissipation properties and insertion loss performance to handle increased operating temperatures,” says Tony Benn, UK technical support manager at Siemon. “With the digital revolution and networks rapidly migrating outside of protected premises, our new category 6A shielded OSP cable ensures support for these latest applications in harsher outdoor environments.”

Sequential measurement markings on the cable jacket and an integrated rip cord make for easy installation. Plus the termination process is compatible with Siemon’s Z-MAX® 6A shielded outlets, ruggedized Z-MAX 6A shielded outlets and TERA® 7A outlets and plugs.

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