February 2016 — Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has launched 12-fibre MTP fibre jumpers with a smaller 2mm diameter cable for improved pathway fill, airflow and accessibility in high density fibre patching areas.

Connecting MPO/MTP backbone trunk cabling to active equipment in 40/100 gigabit fibre applications, the jumpers feature the compact design of the MTP connector footprint and Siemon’s smaller 2mm RazorCore™ cable. MTP 2mm jumpers are available in both B (straight-through wiring) and C polarity for flexible deployment with a variety of MTP backbone trunks and configurations while ensuring correct polarity throughout the channel.

“Accessibility to fibre connections and airflow around active equipment have become paramount in high-density fibre patching environments,” says Nicolas Roussel, technical manager Central Europe at Siemon. “Our new MTP 2mm jumpers provide the exceptional low-loss performance that our customers expect from us. At the same time we offer them an overall smaller diameter to improve airflow, accessibility, routing and space savings in today’s tighter fibre patching areas.”

The new MTP 2mm jumpers are part of Siemon’s comprehensive LightHouse® advanced fibre cabling solutions, and are available with either male or female connectivity. This supports easy migration from 10 gigabit cassette-based MPO/MTP channels that use female-to-female trunk assemblies to 40/100 gigabit applications that typically deploy male-to-male trunk assemblies.

The jumpers are available in OM3 and OM4 multimode fibre types and plenum, riser and low-smoke, zero halogen (LSOH) versions. The jumpers with low loss specification have a loss budget of only 0.2dB for greater performance and improved flexibility in 40/100 gigabit fibre applications.

The MTP 2mm jumpers can be deployed with Siemon’s RIC, LightStackTM and FCP3 fibre enclosures.

To learn more about Siemon’s LightHouse and plug and play fibre solutions, visit www.siemon.com/lighthouse