March 2016 – Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has announced a new line of power distribution units (PDUs). The new PowerMax™ PDUs are initially offered in basic and metered versions and enable simple and reliable power distribution to rack mounted IT equipment at an affordable price.

The new basic and metered PDUs are available in both single phase and three phase power for efficiently powering active equipment in the data centre. They feature a single input in a variety of currents and voltages with either NEMA or IEC style plug. Multiple output options are available that distribute 120V, 208V or 230V to rack mounted IT equipment, ranging from 1.8kW to 7.36kW.

Providing a robust yet economical means to distribute power to IT equipment, the basic PDUs offer a low cost alternative for everyday, reliable power distribution in environments that don’t require advanced features. With greater accuracy of ±1%, metered PDUs provide visual monitoring capability through a built-in LED meter that displays real-time power data.

“Distributing reliable yet cost-effective power to IT equipment is of upmost importance to network and data centre managers,” says Alberto Zucchinali, data centre solutions and services manager at Siemon EMEA. “We are very proud of our new PowerMax PDU line, starting with this first phase introduction of basic and metered versions. These will be followed by intelligent PDUs including monitored, smart, switched and managed versions.”

All PowerMax PDUs are available in horizontal and vertical styles and feature a smooth powder-coat finish and robust construction with soldered connections for maximum reliability. Horizontal PDUs mount easily in any standard 482.6 mm (19 in.) rack, whilst vertical PDUs can easily be mounted within a cabinet’s vertical zero-U space, such as the zero-U space offered with Siemon’s VersaPOD and V800 cabinets.

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